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Amber Spicy

NADHI perfume, a blend of exotic spices and luxurious leather, is the epitome of elegance and sophistication. With its top notes of fiery saffron and bold black pepper, it immediately ignites the senses with a captivating aroma. As the scent settles, the heart notes of Turkish rose, sage, and carnation impart a warm, floral essence, creating a harmonious balance. Finally, the base notes of rich leather and earthy Cypriot oil or nagarmotha lend a grounding depth to the fragrance. Whether you’re a man or a woman, NADHI perfume is the perfect addition to your fragrance collection, offering an amber spicy scent that will leave a lasting impression.



1975, a timeless fragrance speaks to the rugged, masculine spirit within every man. A symphony of rich, earthy scents that captures the essence of strength and sophistication. The top notes of leather, bold and unapologetic, set the stage for a journey through the heart notes of cypress and patchouli, grounding and mysterious. Finally, the base notes of woody notes and vetiver wrap you in a warm embrace, creating a harmonious and enduring scent. Perfect for the man who refuses to compromise on quality and demands the best in life.



100 ml


Fragrance Family: Amber Spicy

Top notes are Saffron and Black Pepper.

Middle notes are Turkish Rose, Sage and Carnation.

Base notes are Leather and Cypriol Oil or Nagarmotha.



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